Who We Are

Pollen Circles, Inc. is a youth organization that provides culturally-based wellness activities, camps and workshops.

Wellness activities encompass holistic mind/body wellness, cultural awareness, environmental and sustainability awareness, and the creative arts.

Pollen Circles weaves culture, adventure, mind/body awareness, service and environmental stewardship into an Indigenous holistic learning experience.

Although we are a Native American-based organization, Pollen Circles is non-exclusive and works with all cultures and races.


Pollen Circles teaching methods draw from the Navajo philosophy of wellness, which includes addressing the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Awareness of Healthy Eating, Physical Fitness, Positive Thinking, and Emotional Wellness are important aspects of our teaching philosophy.

Pollen Circles finds creative ways to bring individuals, culture, elders, and the environment together to facilitate introspection, awareness, and expansion.


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